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TOP 15 trendy kurti neck designs to have in your collection

by Parth saini 28 Apr 2023

We all know that kurtis are an integral part of women's clothing. There are a wide range of kurtis to select from, not only that you can pair kurti with amazing and unique bottoms. But wait kurti are not loved and adored for only their versatility, kurtis are not only stylish but provide us with great comfort, And with all the new kurti neck designs there is a pool of choices that make sure you look your best and unique every time

Here we have 15 kurti neck designs that are gorgeous and unique

1 V Neck Design

V Neck Design

This neck design has remained a masterpiece for a long time and is to remain the same in the future. The “V” shape of its neck can be of various lengths from short to a bit deep giving you a chic look. This Kurti neck design front provides a slimmer look with the appearance of having a longer neck 

2 Keyhole Neckline

Keyhole Neckline

A unique and elegant design. This neck design has a hole pattern between the collarbone which meets at the center. This design takes its inspiration from a lock key pattern. Moreover, This pattern has great attention to detail focusing on the neckline.

3 Collar Neck Design

Collar Neck Design

We all think that collar neck is fit for jackets or shirts .well not anymore, having a great elegant and stylish look this kurti neck design is amazingly popular and in trend.

4 Off-Shoulder Neckline  Design

Off-Shoulder Neckline  Design

Well, why not go a bit modern with ethnic wear? This modern kurti neck design is a great fit for all. You can use a shawl or stole to cover your arms if you want to. Furthermore, wear this neck design and you are all ready for parties and to make a fashion statement.

5 Square Neck Designs

Square Neck Designs

Let's talk about one of the most worn and adored kurti neck designs.  This stunning neck design makes a short neck person a bit longer and also gives an appearance of broader shoulders. Lastly, Squared-faced women should avoid this design.

6 Round Neck Design

Round Neck Design

It's one of the most commonly used neck designs. But this design never disappoints. This design is great for casual wear and also works well as formal wear having a rich simple look.

7 Asymmetric Neck design

Asymmetric Neck design

Trending in the current fashion era. This Kurti neck design front is an amazing choice as it can be combined with a variety of kurtis be it embroidery, patchwork, or even with button work. Chose the design on the basis of the material you have. Moreover Experimenting with this design is amazing but don't try to overdo it as it might ruin your outfit.

8 Cowl Neck Designs

Taking about something entirely new and different, this Modern kurti neck design has an additional piece of cloth wrapped around a person's neck. This design mainly came in popularity with winter sweaters. But the design was smoothly accepted into the kurti world  This neck kurti design has an elegant and modish feel to it.

9 Pentagon Neckline Design

Pentagon Neckline Design

This classy collar-neck design is a style statement piece that looks amazing with all body types and body shapes you can also have a deep neck cut with this design if you wish for it. It's more of a combination of a Mandarin-style collar shaped like a pentagon.

10 Sweet Heart Neck design

Sweet Heart Neck design

The only reason to call this kurti neck design sweetheart is because it is designed in a heart-like structure. This style suits every woman be it of any shape or body type. This design has an artistic and elegant vibe to it 

11 Halter Neck design 

This kurti speaks of style and elegance. This kurti features a backless look as it is mainly styled to flaunt the shoulders. The strap of this kurti is tied behind the neck. If you want to have a more modish and party look go backless with it or you can cover it fully or half if you a attending a casual meet. You might spoil the look if you wear a dupatta or shawl with it, tie your hair to have  a more gorgeous look 

12 Peter Pan Neck Designs

Peter Pan Neck Designs

This kurti provides a neckless of its own. having a graceful and cute look this kurti is amazingly popular with girls. It has round edges with a collar that's flat. This neck kurti design is an amazing choice if you want to have a subtle and decent look.


There is a vast variety of neck designs to choose from it's one of the most important elements in kurti that decided how your outfit will look like . Having a perfect kurti neck design with appropriate accessories is a must to have a chic and gorgeous look . The 12 kurti discussed are some of the selected pieces that have an amazing style and an elegant look to them , these kurti are a must-have in your wardrobe. Just see which neck design fits you the best and you are good to go.

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