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Best Designer Kurta Set For Party wear in India

by Parth saini 03 Mar 2023

As we know you are a trendy women who follows the trending outfits so we knows your taste of your kurti, so we researched some trending best kurta set for party wear in India.

Now you don’t have to confused what outfit you should wear in any occasions , parties or functions. Here is the list of best kurta set for ladies.

1.Flared kurtis

Flared kurtis

The flared kurtis for ladies is the good choice for ladies who like the light weighted & the cuts on the flared kurti makes the outfit more gorgeous. The designs of the flared kurti looks perfect for the party wear outfit.

The elegant flow that makes the Flared kurta more fashionable & it generally focuses on the element of layered clothes to give the shine & rise the fared effects. The cutting of the kurta not only distinguished the effect on kurta, it allows the flared kurta to have a flow that makes it eye catching.

If you look flared kurti images, then the cut in the shape of on umbrella, which creates the sense of flare effect.

If we compare flared kurti with Anarkali kurti then in Anarkali kurti is not to easy to handle, its heavy to handle, But if we talk about the flared kurti it is light to wear, easily manageable, & has the same oomph that one desires to have.


Double Flared Kurti , Flared Cotton Kurtis, Full Length Flared Kurtis, Long Flared Cotton Kurtis, Flared Kurti with Jacket, A-Line Flared Kurtis, Rayon Flared Kurtis, Yellow Flared Kurti, Long Flared Kurti, Black Flared Kurta & many more types, You can check more stores on our website also.

Flared Kurta Designs:

As the designs such as geometric shaped, floral patterns, drawings of the mythical characters & many more designs are very trendy now a days, & cut has been become common for the designers to adapt those prints in this kurti designs. 

As the designs are different & the cutting patterns of the flared kurti is different from other kurtis, In other words the flared kurti patterns for ladies may or may not be similar from other kurtis.It has a unique cut designs which attract the eyes. 

So if you are going for a party  & you want to be in eye catching in the party then you should prefer this kurti for party wear is perfect for you.

2. Short Kurtis

There are many types of kurtis & kurtas for women's, if you want to be unique & you can go for that one which makes you party- ready with just a click. Then you can go with the short kurtis, Like why always you go with the short dresses,cold shoulder tops and other uncomfortable stuffs or outfits, when you  have a choice with short kurtis for women's.

This short kurti is among the few such different types of kurtis that reflect how Indian kurti & western top mix to get a perfect dress for party or in any kitty occasions.

Short Kurti Designs:

The Short kurti have the amazing set of boundaries & trademarks within the apparel industry to manifolds. Once you have a outfit something so durable , so approachable, which attracts  you in your groups & amazing in your wardrobe.

The short kurti for women's, which are for every occasions, partywear, & it is so much comfortable or affordable in all kind of range, that makes you feel beyond ecstatic.

3. Straight Kurtis

Straight Kurtis

It is the commonly known as the Pakistani suit style & it is a long straight kurtis which is simply ankle length, paired with wide legged or straight palazzos.

Weather you are tall, curvaceous, small you can go with the straight kurti for party wear & if you are tall & you are confused what to wear in the party occasions then the straight kurtis is perfect for you because it is long which looks so pretty & simply fashionable outfit in parties.

Most of the Indians women's wear this kurtis because it is common in India to wear a straight kurtis in any party, occasions, kitty party & many more.

Straight Kurti Designs:

It occurs in the simple & deasant shapes & it is very comfortable kurtis for women in India. Mostly in India there are 70% women's wear this straight kurti in partywear's for kitty party. It also gives a slimming effect by making your body look elongated.

4.Shirt Kurtis- Explore The Indie-Western Culture

If you are going for an Indo western look , then pair your shirt- style kurti with straight pants or also you can try with a regular salwar & looks so different in any party or in any kitty.

If you want to try a different outfit to attract the your friends eyes then you have to try this different kurtis for party. Its shirt but makes it kurti for ladies.

Shirt Kurti Designs:

A kurti is a long & loose shirt commonly worn in South Asia. In India it is very common for men's as well as for women's to wear a kurti with jeans. Its simply looks like a loosie shirt.

The shirt kurti is very comfortable kurtis for women's, many Indian women's feels comfortable that's why it is a cool outfit in parties. A kurti is a kind of tunic, long or collarless top.

5.Sleeveless Kurtis- Your Way Of Comfort

Sleeveless Kurtis

Opting for sleeveless kurtis is the only style solution for the summer months. Sleeveless kurtis is one of the most demanding kurti in summer session, it is very comfortable to wear in summer because it is sleeveless kurti.

Sleeveless kurti is also a best choice for the partywear outfit, because it is comfortable in summer, & there are lots of designs which looks attractive. It also relax & comfort you in any party, occasions.


There are many types of sleeveless kurti but the mostly used kurti is Printed Sleeveless Kurtis, Blue Sleeveless Kurtis, Full Length Sleeveless Kurtis & many more types.


One big advantage of this sleeveless kurti is you can wear not only in party wears, infract you can also wear this kurti in any other occasions like in wedding, kitty, family functions & many more. So it is 2 choice of dress which you can use in any functions.

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